nude:masahiko maruyama



1.An unclothed human figure.
2.An artistic representation.
3.Does not mean “expose”.


Masahiko Maruyama


nude:masahiko maruyama has become famous for its seemingly simple design and distinctive silhouette.
The brand name comes from the concept of ripping off all decoration, so that simplicity of design is clear.
ornamentation is kept at a minimum, and the focus is on relaxed tailoring and superior fabrications.




DISTORTION3 (Pr-y / Atlier Yamanami / nude:mm)
This fashion brand produces clothes printed with drawings and paintings of Atelier Yamanami’s artists.


PR-y www.pr-y.org
In the 1940s, a French artist, Jean Dubuffet, advocated the idea of “Art Brut,” which literally means “unadulterated raw art.” In the world of art, this term refers to works of art created instinctively from deep within the soul and by people who have never received academic art education (or in other words, who are free from the harmful effects of conventional systematized education).
In Japan, such works of art are often created by people with mental disorders or intellectual disabilities, thus Art Brut is likely to be considered to mean the “art of disabled people.”
In Europe, on the other hand, Art Brut is publicly recognized as one of the established artistic genres, and it garners considerable attention from medical, welfare, and educational personnel. We collaborate with global research organizations of Art Brut. This gives us a chance to promote hidden talented artists in Japan, to the rest of the world.


ATELIER YAMANAMI  a-yamanami.jp
Atelier Yamanami offers various programs that suit individual preferences and interests to ensure that each member is recognized for their personal characteristics and creativity, and given a greater joy of life and a sense of fulfillment.
At each workshop, members engage in activities at their own pace and according to their desire – these activities are not limited to routine creative work, but include leisurely walks, road trips, sports and singing.
Through these activities, we aim to motivate members to create, draw, and communicate, and provide all of them a comfortable and encouraging environment. In doing so, we remain attentive to the needs of members and have a good understanding of what they want to do and how they want to spend time, while placing importance on maintaining good human relationships.



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